From the Ground Up


From the Ground Up predates Game Changers in its exploration of the difference a plant-based diet can make for an athlete. Former meat-eating, college football player Santino Panico examines how eating a plant-based diet has changed the lives and performance of a number of elite athletes. What he discovers, is that what starts out as a quest for optimum nutrition for the athletes transformed into a lifestyle of compassion.

The documentary features interviews with Griff Whalen (football player), Torre Washington (body builder), Scott Jurek (ultra-endurance athlete), Steph Davis (climber, base jumper and wingsuit flyer), Heather Jo Clark (MMA fighter) and a whole host of other elite athletes who choose to eat a predominantly plant-based diet. What starts out as a story about food, sport and nutrition, soon expands to confront the social norms and far-reaching impacts that our food choices have on us and the world around us.


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