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A Guide For Wildflowers


A Guide for Wildflowers – on bringing peace back to the plate is a vegan recipe book developed by Keri Bainborough. In this beautifully laid out book, Keri describes her journey to veganism and what a difference it has made in her life. Keri is an amazing writer and the first part of the book is filled with handy tips, shopping lists and interesting advice given in a friendly, easy to follow manner (anyone who references muggles is awesome in my view).

Keri’s recipes are easy to make, contain ingredients that are easy to find and are super delicious. This book is the perfect gift for those who are exploring the idea of veganism and plant-based eating, but is one that even seasoned vegans will return to again and again. With a wide range of recipes from tofu scramble to lemon cheesecake and stunning photos that show off the beauty of plant-based living, this book definitely deserves to be on your “must-have” list.

The book is available to purchase online directly from Keri’s website.


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