The Vegetarian Kitchen by Mellissa Bushby |

The Vegetarian Kitchen


Although the name says “vegetarian,” the recipes in this book are all vegan. There is something really comforting about the recipes in this book. There are no frills or fuss, just simple, wholesome, good old-fashioned recipes that you grew up with… just made vegan. This book is a firm favourite of mine and I return to it again and again for inspiration… especially on a long lazy Sunday when cooking as a family is a favourite past-time.

Some of my all-time favourites include the Roasted Tomato Soup, Home-made Pizza, Lentil Pies and Indulgent Chocolate Cake, just to name a few. Something about these recipes seems familiar… cooking like mom used to do.

I will let Mellissa describe her book as she truly does it best…

This book is an expedition into a world of delicious food and pleasurable cooking, with ideas taken from all over the world and made in our very own South African way. I hope it’s a journey of awareness and discovery, one that will show you just how easy it is to ‘satisfy a big hunger’ without meat and dairy, and to enjoy every tasty morsel. And because veggies, pulses, legumes and the like have no heart-clogging fat, you can enjoy an extra sorbet, or maybe two.

Published in 2012, this book was soon followed up by Fresh From the Vegetarian Kitchen in 2014.

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