Martin Kotze

My name is Martin Kotze, born 21 May 1989 in Kimberley where I have spent my life till present.
I am a jack of many traits (not all). I'm a professional photographer, Videographer and graphic designer.
I started working as a graphic designer from 17 years old and found a love for photography at 18 years old when i took my mom's camera to work with me to get some stock photos to use.
Videography only became an interest when I discovered that my one camera could take video.

I Finally decided to start my own company in 2016, Die Swart Kat Productions.
Lately my main focus has been more on video and photography. But also mostly food related shoots.
I would one day like to specialize in food photography.

In my down time I love making music and cooking.
I have played in several rock bands in Kimberley over the past few years and will continue doing so for long (I hope)
My love for cooking sparked when I posted a photo of a dish I made at work. A salmon and cream cheese omelette (Obviously before I was vegan)
One of my best friends who was a professional chef commented on the post "wow dude, you are in the wrong industry"
That one compliment ignited my passion for cooking. Becoming vegan only made it so much more exciting to cook!
I had to think out of the box and had all these new ingredients to try that I barely knew even existed.
My love for food photography and cooking just started fueling one another.

For a while I have been sitting with a brain child of wanting to create a Youtube channel.
But I always had an excuse or a reason for me not to start. But my lovely Girlfriend encouraged me to finally start.
And that's how Your Mom's Favorite Channel was born.
It's still new and will most likely go through some growing pains as we go along.
But hey! That's how all good things begin!