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Karoo Donkey Sanctuary


The Karoo Donkey Sanctuary is a haven for over-worked, neglected and abused donkeys. Donkeys are some of the most mistreated animals in the world, forced to carry heavy burdens for long distances again and again, with little regard to their health or wellbeing.

The sanctuary came into the spotlight in January 2017 when they rescued 236 donkeys and 30 horses destined for slaughter at the infamous Hartswater auction. This rescue of the “mega herd” led to the sanctuary being regarded as the biggest donkey sanctuary in Africa.

The sanctuary works hard to rehabilitate the donkeys and find them “forever” retirement homes, while bringing awareness to the barbaric trade in donkey skins and donkey working conditions.

How you can help

There are a number of ways you can help lend support to the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, from fostering donkeys, sponsoring the care of a chosen donkey or other monetary donations.

Being in the Karoo, a naturally dry and arid region, the sanctuary is working hard to raise money for pumps to allow better water supply. You can donate to this cause directly on their website and help them reach their target.

If you would prefer to adopt one of the donkeys and provide for their individual care, that option is also available at R1,000 per month (minimum one year commitment) for full adoption support. Other adoption options include:

  1. Contribution to feed: R200 per month (R2,400 per year).
  2. Contribution to feed: R400 per month (R4,800 per year).
  3. Contribution to feed and care: R600 per month (R7,200 per year).
  4.  Contribution to feed, care and grooming R800 per month (R9,600 per year).
  5. Contribution to feed, care, grooming and veterinary bills R1000 per month (R12,000 per year).
  6.  Any other amount above this that you wish to donate towards your special donkey will be greatly appreciated

For more details, visit their website or contact them to see how best you can help.

Images from Karoo Donkey Sanctuary facebook page and website


1 Christina De Witt Street, Prince Albert, South Africa

Contact Number: 082 900 6103

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