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Caley Mogg aka Pretty Things Delicious Eats


How did you become vegan or move towards this way of life?

I have always been a huge animal lover, so the transition to becoming a vegetarian was very easy for me. It just never felt right eating animals… I decided to become vegan a year and a half after becoming vegetarian. This was mainly due to all the incredible health benefits that come with a vegan diet. I was following so many amazing vegans on social media and I just took the leap. And it was so easy. And I have not looked back since that day. My life is so much richer now and I am so happy with my decision.

What year did you become vegan?


Are there any foods you enjoy now that you wouldn’t eat or hadn’t tried before?

Chickpeas – I LOVE them now. But 10 years ago you would never have caught me eating chickpeas!

What is your favourite meal or snack?

Favourite meal at the moment has to be a chickpea omelette – if you haven’t tried it, you are missing out! Favourite snack has to be dark chocolate – my weakness!

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