Thandolwethu |

Thandolwethu Ngidi


How did you become vegan or move towards this way of life?

I saw a pic of Annette Larkins (a raw vegan) at age 75 and her hubby. She looked like she was his daughter! So vanity led me veganism. Then I started researching. I watched Forks Over Knives, and I was done. I couldn’t believe how animals are treated and the chemicals they are pumped with. My heart broke. I started watching “Freelee” videos and within a week my best friend was in my freezer taking all my meat. I was done. The most surprising thing is how mellow I became, I used to be so angry.

What year did you become vegan?


What is your day job/career?

A radio DJ on East Coast Radio

Are there any foods you enjoy now that you wouldn’t eat or hadn’t tried before?

Veggies! I hated and avoided them all.

What is your favourite meal or snack?

Beans. My love for beans is crazy. Nice cream is my fav snack.

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