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Earthlings is a documentary that has people talking for years after watching it. For many, it was a turning point in their decision to become vegan. You cannot unsee it.

Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, he has had this to say about it: “Of all the films I have ever made, this is the one that gets people talking the most. For every person who sees Earthlings, they will tell three.”

Earthlings is a haunting and stunning portrayal of man’s total dependence on animals for gain. It is shown in five chapters – pets, food, clothing, entertainment and scientific research.

Please note that this documentary does contain some graphic and disturbing footage and viewer discretion is advised.

One viewer had this to say about the film…

There really has never been anything that I have ever seen or heard that has been so simultaneously thoroughly soul crushing and yet heart expanding as this film. It is beautiful in it’s honesty. It’s ability to allow people to bear witness to what we do to animals and the enormity of their undeserved suffering at our hands. Even though the majority of us do not kill the animals directly by our own hands, we hand over money to others to do it for us. And in that act we not only have our hands in the killing of these animals but also in our support of a dehumanizing occupation for other human beings.
This film is hands down the best look in the mirror I have ever experienced. If we want to evolve as individuals and as a species we need to be able to take that long, hard look in the mirror even though it can be extremely painful.
I am eternally grateful for this film. – Jennifer Wade

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